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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

  • The Volcano Huts are located in Húsadalur Valley in the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve in Iceland. 


How do I get there?

  • The Volcano Huts are only accessible by specially modified trucks, mountain buses from the main road or by foot over long distance hiking trails. More information on how to get there can be found on the dedicated page
  • When you book a bus ticket on-line, remember to print it out. The departure time selected is indicative only, so the ticket can be used for other times or dates, if your plans change.
  • If you have a 4x4 car you can drive almost all the way (in summer only) and hop on a bus by Krossá, the last river. Do not attempt to cross it yourself.
  • In winter you will need to book a special 4x4 transport as the road to the Volcano Huts is impassable by any other means of transport.


What kind of place is this?

  • The Volcano Huts are mountain huts, located in the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve in Iceland.
  • We offer food, several tours & activities and accommodation in mountain huts with the option of private cottages and small rooms. We also offer a campsite and a glamping (glamorous camping) option.
  • We are NOT categorised as a guesthouse, hostel or a hotel, but we do offer similar services


What should I expect?

  • Amazing hiking and beautiful scenery over volcanoes and glaciers. There's plenty to see and do to keep you busy during your stay.
  • No fancy stuff - small rooms and basic accommodation with shared toilets
  • Simple home made food, with self service buffets
  • Extra cost for bus tickets and bed linen
  • You might have to wait for the showers - but you are not going anywhere so that should not be a big deal
  • Expect to share facilities with other travellers
  • Vibrant and friendly atmosphere and a mix of people that enjoys nature and hiking just like you


What kind of accommodation do you offer at the Volcano Huts?

  • Mountain hut dormitories 
  • Wooden cottages
  • Small private rooms
  • Camping
  • Glamping
  • All accommodation is sleeping bag accommodation but you can rent linen and blankets if needed
  • More information about accommodation at the Volcano Huts can be found here.


Do you offer any tours in or around the area?


Is there a restaurant or shop?

  • We recommend to book your meals in advance but it is also possible to order them on the spot.
  • We have a restaurant where we serve breakfast, dinner, lunch, coffee, snacks and drinks at the bar 
  • We have a small shop where we sell snacks & candy
  • It is possible to buy basic provisions from the kitchen of our restaurant such as a loaf of bread, rice, cheese, ham or other things needed on a longer hike
  • We also sell some outdoor clothing, postcards, camping gas and other stuff


How much does it cost?

  • We do have a broad range of accommodation ranging from camping to private rental of rooms and houses. You should find prices for accommodation in our online booking engine
  • Please keep in mind that there is additional cost involved in getting here as you will have to take a bus to get here. 


Is there a cooking facility for guests?

Important: Please note that we have very limited facilities for cooking your own food! 
  • Dormitories only have cups and glasses - no pots and pans, cutlery or dishes are provided. Please bring your own! 
  • Our cottages have small electric kettles and stoves, pots and pans and tableware.  The stoves are small and only usable for basic cooking and heating small portions
  • We have a guest dining area where guests and campers can make their own meals and eat indoors but keep in mind that you will have to use your own stoves, plates and cutlery and there are no coolers to store food


Can I hike on my own or are there organized tours?

  • You can get information about hiking trails and buy maps at the Volcano Huts
  • We offer a number of guided and self-guided tours along the hiking trails. More information about those can be found here.
  • We can also provide private guides upon request and by prebooking 
  • Read more about the hiking trails.


Do I have to book before I arrive?

  • We recommend accommodation to be booked before arrival but sometimes we do have availability
  • No bookings are needed at the restaurant unless for groups and special orders
  • No bookings are needed for the campground unless for groups of 10 or more people 


Do we have internet connection?

  • Free WiFi is available at the main service building but not in accommodation buildings


What is our cancellation policy?

  • We have a 6-week cancellation policy. That means that accommodation is nonrefundable six weeks prior to arrival.
  • A 15% confirmation fee is applicable to all bookings and nonrefundable.
  • Cancelled meals are refunded 100% as long as they are cancelled with a 24 hour notice or more
  • Cancelled bus tickets are refunded 100% as long as they are cancelled with a 24 hour notice or more
  • See more about our terms and conditions here


Do we accept debet/credit cards?

  • We accept the following credit/debet cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


When are the Volcano Huts open?

  • We are open all year round.
  • Opening hours: 7:30am – 11pm – these hours can change during low season.
  • The service desk is open every work day between 8am and 5pm and reachable by phone on +354 552 8300.
  • For reservations outside of the above mentioned period, please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]