Þórsmörk cottages

Our cottages are a perfect choice for families, couples and groups that want a bit of comfort and privacy. Each cottage houses up to 5 persons with four bunk beds, one of which has a double lower bed for couples.

The cottages are rented as a sleeping bag accommodation but linen and made up beds can be ordered for extra comfort.

The cottages are fitted with a small kitchenette, tableware, a kitchen table and chairs. Each house has electric lighting, heating and cold running water.

Toilets are located a short distance away in our main service building. Sauna, showers and a natural warm pool are accessible in the LavaSPA a short distance from the cottages.

What's included?

  • 4 bunk beds (one of which is a double bunk bed)
  • A small kitchenette
  • Access to shared bathrooms
  • WiFi in the main building
  • Access to the sauna, showers and a natural warm pool