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Glamping in Iceland

Glamping in fully furnished and comfortable tents is the ideal way to experience the Icelandic nature. Volcano Huts offer a unique opportunity to camp out in stylish and fully decorated tents, located right next to the famous trails of the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. 
The spacious tents have twin or double beds, chairs to lounge in and comfortable furnishings. Each tent has an electric air-blow heater, down duvets and woollen blankets to provide extra warmth and comfort. 
There is nothing like waking up in your glamping camp, surrounded by the stunning nature of the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. 

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New to Glamping? 

If you are new to glamping, then we suggest reading the following article to learn about what glamping is and what you can expect from the experience.




What is glamping?

Glamping stands for glamorous - camping in comfortable and stylishly furnished tents and even rustic cabins. Glamping is the luxury version of the traditional adventure travel. When glamping, you are connected to the wild outdoors but are still able to sleep in a dry, warm and cosy place.

 Volcano Trail Glamping tent, fully furnished.

With Adventure Tourism on the rise all over the world, travellers are seeking ever more authentic, adventurous and Eco-friendly experiences. In Iceland, the variety of adventurous activities, tours and accommodation options has exploded, and the country is becoming one of Europe's top locations for all things exotic and exciting. As a result, glamping is now the Volcano Huts most popular accommodation option. 

Glamping can also be very eco-friendly as the setup of tents, and rustic cabins do not affect the environment as much as big hotels and resorts do. Glamping, in that sense, embodies sustainable development and gives access to nature in a way that no large hotel or resorts could do.
Aren't we all looking for that unique experience? Something that is authentic and real, environmentally friendly, but also Instagrammable, of course!
Even though the term "glamping" is relatively new, this is not a new idea at all.
Royalty, commanders of armies and noblemen have travelled glamorously around the world since times of the Mongol and Persian dynasties, and even longer. Roman emperors brought with them all the luxuries imaginable when they visited their territories. This stylish way of travelling included large furniture, woven rugs, luxury bedding, cases of wine and even bathtubs! All this was carried out by large caravans, with great effort.
Today, a great variety of glamping options exist in the world: Mongolian yurts, canvas tents and tipis, ice hotels, wooden cabins, and even tree houses, fit the Glamping definition. 
Glamping has become popular at events such as music festivals, as it is relatively easy to set up and does not require strict building code permits. 
Glamping is all at the same time a romantic, family-friendly and adventurous experience. 

Glamping in Þórsmörk

Þórsmörk Nature Reserve is an ideal place to experience glamping in Iceland. The Volcano Huts offer glamping in both stylish, comfortable tents as well as the more rustic mountain cabins. 


With our camp located in the middle of the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve, you will have access to some of the best hiking trails in Iceland. With our restaurant and bar just a stone's throw away, you will also have access to all the amenities you need.  

Overseeing Þórsmörk valley from air

Picture by Gábor Nagy

The nearby restaurant and bar feature a lively scene where you can meet and share stories with hikers coming down from the famous 55 kilometres long, Laugavegur Hiking Trail. 

How to get to the glamping camp in Þórsmörk? 

Getting to Þórsmörk is an adventure in itself. You will have to cross many rivers on your way up the 4x4 F249 trail into Þórsmörk. 


We recommend hopping aboard one of the highland buses that take you safely across the rivers into Þórsmörk. 


Check bus schedule and book tickets here. 


Renting a Land Rover Defender is also a great way to get around in the highlands while maintaining the retro look, in keeping with the picturesque glamping experience. 


Always keep in mind that you cannot cross the last river, Krossá without a guide or a bus transfer.  

person in  yellow rain coat and a Land Rover


Picture by Mike Seehagel

The Þórsmörk Nature Reserve sits amidst three glaciers and volcanoes: Tindfjallajökull glacier, Eyjafjallajökull glacier and Katla-Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Visitors often describe the area as a haven for hikers as it has some of the most beautiful views and best hiking trails in Iceland. 
There is nothing like waking up in your glamping camp, surrounded by the stunning nature of the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve. 

Glamping & hiking in Þórsmörk: An itinerary suggestion


Day 1

Arriving with the 4x4 mountain bus is an experience in itself. Leaving the highway by the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the 4x4 mountain bus takes you safely across all the rivers carving through the famous F249 4x4 trail to Þórsmörk. 


A scenic stop is made on the way by the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano & Glacier to view the aftermath of the 2010 volcanic eruption. 


After checking in at the Volcano Huts, you can return to the restaurant for a hot soup before heading out onto the trails of Þórsmörk. Our staff at the reception will be happy to help you plan your hike of the day. 


Spend the day hiking the endless trails of Þórsmörk at your own pace and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful area. Find a nice place along the way to enjoy a nice picnic lunch. 


Return to camp for a quick shower and a relaxing visit to the sauna. 


A refreshing drink at the bar will get you settled before dinner where you can strike up a conversation with other travellers or enjoy your meal by yourself. 


Staying up late, by the fire, under the midnight sun or view the Northern Lights in fall, is highly recommended. Return to bed in your glamping tent or cabin when ready. 


Day 2

After breakfast at the Volcano Huts restaurant, you can head back out onto the trails to get the most out of your visit to Þórsmörk. There are plenty of options, ranging from short and accessible to the more challenging trails, right from the doorstep of our camp. 


Take the mountain bus back across the rivers and continue to your next destination.


Glamping in Þórsmörk is a great way to get off-the-grid for a day or two. Beat the crowds and the tourist traps to meet like-minded people around the campfire, surrounded by beautiful nature.


View the northern lights while glamping in Iceland

Glamping is an ideal way to experience the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. Sightings of the Northern lights can occur from late August and the beginning of September until the beginning of April each year when it is dark enough for them to light up the sky. 


Iceland's location on the Northern hemisphere is perfect for viewing the Northern Lights. Conditions in Þórsmörk for the Northern Lights are often ideal because of the sheltered weather conditions. High mountains and glaciers keep the skies clear from the prevailing southeastern cloudy winds, leaving an opening for the Northern Lights.


The glamping camp in Þórsmörk allows you to stay in your bed and by merely zipping up your tent and peeking out towards the sky, you can keep an eye out for the Northern Lights. Glamping in the early fall also adds the beautiful autumn colours to enhance the experience.

Glamping tents under Northern Lights


Glamping tent under the Northern Lights

What is included?

The tents have made up beds for two and come furnished with stylish furniture, a heater and warm blankets. Close by are the shared bathrooms, and the main building has free WiFi. The glamping tents in Þórsmörk also come with access to showers, sauna and a small pool. 

 Girl sitting in a glamping tent with a warm drink

When is glamping available in Iceland? 

Our glamping camp offers canvas tents from early May until the beginning of October. Additionally, our wooden cabins and private rooms are open all year long. 


Þórsmörk Nature Reserve is a unique destination and can feel very remote. Still, at the same time, it is only 3 hours away from Reykjavík by car and only an hour away from highway no. 1, with daily bus connections to and from the area.


View the Þórsmörk bus schedule and book tickets here. 

 Glamping tent surrounded by autumn colors


What to bring for glamping in Iceland

We recommend packing warm clothes for any outdoor activity in Iceland, any time of the year. Temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, and weather can change with little warning. With the electric heating, the tents will keep the heat quite well, while zipped closed. However, temperatures inside the tents may go down when opening to enter and exit the tents. 


In fall and early spring, we recommend keeping the warm underwear handy at night, as it can get be cold in Iceland during night time. It will keep you extra warm and snuggly even though you kick off your duvet while sleeping.


Click here to read our staff's recommendations for what to bring on your hiking and outdoor adventure in Þórsmörk.


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