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By car in summer

Important information:

  • Normal & Small cars: Park your car at the Lava Centre in Hvolsvöllur where you can take the bus the rest of the way. The road to Volcano Huts is a 4x4 F-road where normal & small rental cars are not allowed.
  • Trucks & 4×4 cars: It's possible to park your car at the Básar hut and use the footbridges to cross Krossá river. After crossing the river, you can hike to the Volcano Huts by passing the Langidalur hut (roughly a 6km hike).
  • Please note that the bus schedule shows approximate times so allow for extra time to park the car and get your luggage ready.
  • Please make sure to wave the driver of the bus to indicate that you want to get on the bus.


Do not attempt to cross the Krossá River (400 meters on from the Volcano Huts sign on road F249). This river can be very dangerous! 


Roadmap to Þórsmörk and the Volcano Huts

From Reykjavík you drive along the main road nr. 1 and turn on to the Þórsmerkurvegur nr. F249 by the Seljalandsfoss waterfall. On the way from Seljalandsfoss to Þórsmörk you will have to cross 15 - 20 rivers and the road is only reccommended for 4x4 vehicles.

Do not try to cross the Krossá River - even though you have crossed all the other rivers without any problems!