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Endless hiking trails in Þórsmörk

Easy to navigate

You can choose between short and easy or longer and more demanding trails. The most popular trails in Þórsmörk are well marked and we will help you find the trails that are best suited for you.

The Þórsmörk Park Administration has produced a map of the Þórsmörk Hiking Trails. The map is easy to understand and gives a good view of the trails in the area. The map has information in English about the trails and will give you a little insight into the volcanic landscapes of Þórsmörk and its history. The Þórsmörk Trail Map can be purchased at the Volcano Huts.

For information about the Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trails, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


Shorter hiking trails

Our location offers a great variety of different hiking trails where every hiker should find a trail to his or her abilities. Short and long trails lead to and from our location and we are happy to help you find the best trails. Trail maps can be bought at the Volcano Huts. Here is a list of some of the most popular hiking trails in Þórsmörk. Some of these trails can also be viewed here on Wikiloc.com.

Þórsmörk Panorama - (1,5 - 2 hours)

Þórsmörk Panorama Trail leads you up and over the peak of the Valahnúkur mountain, where you get an impressive 360° view of Þórsmörk. From the top of Valahnúkur you head down to the Langidalur Hut before heading back to the Volcano Huts, through the birch woods of the Húsadalur valley. This trek can easily added to all the following trails. The trail is well marked and accessible with man made steps on its steepest parts. 

Þórsmörk Highlights (3 – 4 hours)

Þórsmörk Highlights features all the best views of Þórsmörk and versatile terrain. The trail leads you through the birch woods of the Húsadalur Valley and up to the foothills of the Tindfjöll Mountains, where you turn onto the last part of the Laugavegur Hiking Trail, before descending back to the Volcano Huts. This trail is marked and accessible with the possibility to extend to other trails or cut short at convenient points.

Tindfjöll Circle (5 - 6 hours)

Tindfjöll Circle gives you a beautiful view over the Þórsmörk Nature Reserve with challenging terrain and access to some of the best view points in Þórsmörk. You start by heading out over to the Langidalur hut and from there you ascend up to the foothills of the Tindfjöll Mountains. The hills below the Tindfjöll Mountains are steep and you will have to traverse the meandering side of the hill with caution. As you make your way around the Tindfjöll Mountains, the trail leads onto the Stangarháls Ridge, where you descend down a steep trail, all the way down to the Krossá riverbed. From the bottom of the valley you can head back to the Volcano Huts with the option of extending the trek by one hour, over the Valahnúkur mountain or opt for an easy stroll through the Langidalur and Húsadalur woods over to the Volcano Huts. Most parts of the trail are well marked and it is fairly accessible while it is also challenging in parts, due to steep sections on the paths.

Merkurrani Plateau (2 - 3 hours)

Merkurrani Plateau Trail leads you up to the foothills of the Valahnúkur Mountain and onto the Merkurrani plateau a short distance from the Volcano Huts. From there you head South in the direction of Eyjafjallajökull to the very end of the plateau where you reach the steep Merkurrani Cliffs where the Krossá River has carved a sharp edge to the volcanic rock. Be careful as the steep rock appears suddenly at your feet. From the cliffs you have a great view over the Krossá River, Eyjafjallajökull and the surrounding mountains of Þórsmörk. From there you head down to the black sands of the Markarfljót Riverbed where the contrasts of the volcanic ash and the green hills of Þórsmörk are very clear. On your way to the Volcano Huts you should make time for a short stop at the Sóttarhellir Cave.

Stakkholtsgjá Canyon (2 - 4 hours)

Stakkholtsgjá Canyon is on the south side of Krossá and is accessible by foot, approx. 1 hour each way. When walking, you cross the Krossá River on a footbridge close to the canyon. As you enter the canyon you will have to skip across a small river and walk along it to the end of the canyon. On your way you will enjoy an impressive view upon the 100-meter high cliffs, towering above your head. The riverbed leads you to a narrow passage, on the left side at the very bottom of the canyon, where you can enter the actual Stakkholtsgjá Ravine itself. Continue up a pile of large boulders to where you can see the river cascade down into the ravine, in a beautiful waterfall. The canyon offers an easy but rewarding hike. Be careful or you might end up with your feet wet when crossing the river and be careful of any falling rocks, or ice during winter, from the cliffs above.

For more experienced hikers

Experienced hikers and mountain runners have endless trails to explore as the terrain offers a vide variety in distances and difficulty. The Volcano Huts are located in between the two most famous hiking trails in Iceland, the Laugavegur Hiking Trail from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk and the Fimmvörðuháls Hiking Trail from Skógar to Þórsmörk via the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano.

Laugavegur hiking trail from Landmannalaugar 

The Laugavegur Hiking Trail stretches 55 kilometres across the southern Icelandic highlands and connects the two nature reserves, Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk.

Most people cross the Laugavegur Hiking trail in 3 – 5 days, starting in Landmannalaugar and ending their trip in Þórsmörk or even in Skógar on the South of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano. Shorter options of the trek are available.

Accommodation is offered in six mountain huts and on camping grounds along the trail and can be booked here on our website.

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Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail to Skógar

The Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail connects Skógar on the south coast of Iceland to the Þórsmork area. The 30 kilometers long trail leads you up the hills beneath the Eyjafjallajökull glacier and volcano, up and over the Fimmvörðuháls mountain ridge and past the new volcanic craters that were formed in the latest volcanic eruption in 2010. The trail is steep and can prove difficult for any man due to the unpredictable weather and difficult terrain. You can join a guided trek over the Fimmvörðuháls trail.

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