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Volcano Rovers - Getting here is part of the adventure!

We created the Volcano Rovers, in partnership with ÍSAK 4x4 rental, so that our customers can safely navigate some of the most scenic 4x4 trails of Iceland, without limitations.

All our Land Rover Defenders are fitted with a snorkel and 31" tires, offering enhanced 4x4 capabilities, improved road stability and a smoother ride along the country roads and highland tracks. Each vehicle also comes with a pulling rope, jack and tire iron in an on-board tool bag. During winter we offer studded tires for enhanced safety on icy roads.


You can easily add a roof tent, roof rack, a trailer, jerry cans and other accessories to your vehicle hire, allowing you to carry more equipment and reach further on your journey.

Start by choosing your dates and you are on your way to book a 4x4 vehicle that gets you where you want to go.

Attention: please read carefully information about how to get here!